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Funny how, if a "Canadian" allows a part of their property to be "squatted on" by someone else for an extended period of time, the courts will rule that the "Canadian" has lost my right to the t, if a"FN" allows a part. It wasn't until the 1960s that radicalism and anti-colonialism became the fashion and suddenly everything was the evil whiteman's fault. Time to stop treating spoiled bratty kids with respect undue ugh love time! Please note, the prices displayed are after any coupon and/or instant discounts. You'd be doing us a favour. What do they do then? One of the most moving and profound books I had ever read was The Battle at Wounded Knee so I am sympathic to the Indians but the time has come to move. I have every right to make a suggestion, and suggesting that they live as individuals rather than as a 'bloc' is a logical resolution to their problems. Indeed you have, and should be respected for doing. Don't expect them to live 'en bloc'. I believe that you posted after Kate responded to the advocation of violence, so maybe you should read to the bottom before preaching from your altar of ignorance. Indeed, it is the language of tyrants! The Ontario public was not "taken hostage" by this protest. You are stuck in the naive romanticism that 'they can pick their own way of life'. Most members are against this concept.

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